Janet Meinke-Lau TURMOIL, 16x16 FRAMED ORIGINAL (22X22 W/FRAME)
Janet Meinke-Lau TURMOIL, 16x16 FRAMED ORIGINAL (22X22 W/FRAME)


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Janet Meinke-Lau’s two passions are sketching and surfing. After studying finance in New York City followed by working in investment banking and urban and regional planning, she decided to make a big change to incorporate her twin passions of surfing and art into her life.She moved to Honolulu, Hawaii in 2016 and has never looked back. She profoundly feels that she was meant to surf and create art. Both bring her a sense of connection to the universe and an appreciation for its gifts - nature, community, and life. In the spaces between the crashing of the waves and in the moment when paint first touches paper, she is focused, inspired and invigorated to create— she is in flow. She is inspired by the awesome nature present in Hawaii - the colors of the sunrise, water drops upon the ocean, the unique bark of the palm trees, our sea life friends that we get to see up close when we’re lucky. Her art is carefree and light, both playful and dreamy, while still incorporating structure.

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