Nadia Fairlamb NEEM HEART: "I'M HERS"
Nadia Fairlamb NEEM HEART: "I'M HERS"


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These cute, blue hanging hearts are perfect for those who want their home decor to reflect their love for the ocean. Each heart is is a reminder of how much we love the surf.Each heart is one of a kind, and the size will vary (from approx. 8” to 12” with hanger). Nadia Fairlamb's art is a synergy of 2 worlds: the worlds we see, and the world that is. Inspired by Michelangelo's way of knowing the art contained within a granite block, Nadia's work is a response to each unique piece of local timber somehow showing her the different shapes of reflection capable within it. Each of her pieces is crafted with local tropical hardwoods. They began as discarded scraps and unwanted planks. She begins each piece by engaging the wood in front of her....studying it and following it. Through this interaction a direction gains clarity, the wood is sanded down, the idea and design sketched on, then cut out, sanded more, then oiled, polished and finished. "The Mermaid's Mirror" is suggestive of the mythological association of a mermaid's mirror and a truthful interaction with the world we see, represented by the human form of the mermaid (that which exists above the surface) and the submarine (that which exists below). Throughout history, mermaids have been portrayed as holding a mirror. Many interpretations attribute it to vanity, but many, like Nadia, know there is a richer and deeper interpretation.

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