Tolentino Honey Company 9 OZ RAW HONEY JAR: KIAWE
Tolentino Honey Company 9 OZ RAW HONEY JAR: KIAWE


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Raw honey contains a natural and beneficial amount of pollen, propolis, and enzymes. This honey goes through a coarse strainer in order to minimize pollen loss and to get out the large chunks of wax. It's raw Hawaiian honey from the honeycomb to your jar, the way it should be! Their apiary is deep in Lualualei Valley on the Wai'anae Coast of O'ahu. Surrounded by a number of small family farmers who grow a variety of beautiful produce; their honeybees are lucky to forage from the best selection of pollen and nectar around. Depending on the time of year, they may get honey from mangoes, lilikoi, guava, tomatoes, basil, onion, squash, orange, lemon, lime, dragon fruit (pitaya), coconut, and the list goes on... Of these, the most rare is nectar from the kiawe tree. No where else on any part of the island will you find such large forests of kiawe which produce amazingly light and rich nectar. Kiawe honey is a light yellow and sometimes white or clear and is so high in sugar content it tends to crystallize in a matter of weeks after harvesting. Ever tasted a good creamy and spreadable honey the consistency of peanut butter? This is it and a must try for anyone who hasn't tasted it yet!

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